The Resources on this page will aide the Young Marines and the staff for awards and ribbons. The awards chart will display all awards and is interactive.  Click on the link below and it will launch the awards chart.  You can then click on the a ribbon and it will take you the awards manual to the page relevant to that ribbon.


Ribbon/Awards Chart




The Awards Manual will provide information and guidance regarding what ribbons and awards a Young Marine can earn. Click on the link below to view the Awards Manual.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the Awards Manual. 




Awards Manual




The ribbon checker is a tool to assist the Young Marine in wearing their ribbons in the correct order of precedence.  Click on the link below and check all the ribbons you have been awarded.  Next, click on Create Graphic.  You will then see a photo that will show you how to wear your ribbons correctly.  Thanks to the Chadduck Young Marines.   




Ribbon Checker